Works for violin
Manrico Padovani
Prague Philharmonic
B. Perrenoud



"Kindness and care in music can be compared to care in growing a plant. My relationship with a musical composition is therefore like a creature that grows, evolves and needs continuous attention to do so".
(Manrico Padovani-Edition Genteltude)

Manrico Padovani, Swiss violinist of Italian origin is defined by critics as the "Wizard of the Violin" for his musical intensity and technical agility. He is not only a great musician able to excite and establish contact with his audience, but he involves and fascinates them by explaining classical music in a clear way, bringing it closer to everyone, even the youngest audience members.          ...continue

Manrico Padovani




Tour Dates

Lucca Classica

1 May 2020 / 15:00 /

LUCCA CLASSICA Venerdi 1 Maggio 2020 – Ore 15.00 Sala Ademollo, Palazzo DUCALE – Lucca Franz Schubert: Introduzione e Rondò Brillante in si minore D 895 Fantasia in do maggiore D 934


29 May 2020 / 08:00 /

Manrico Padovani, viollno Mariangela Vacatello, pianoforte   Registrazione CD  Lugano, Studi Radio Auditorio 1 29-30-31 Maggio e 1 giugnoProgramma Schubert – Sonata in La magg D 574 “Grand duo” – Intr. e Rondò Brillante D 895 – Fantasia in do magg. “Sei mir gegrüsst” D 934


1 January 1970 / 00:00 /

Manrico Padovani, violino Mariangela Vacatello, pianoforte Come direttore: Stadtmuseum Aarau Orchestra NKSA 26 marzo 2020 Musiche di Händel Purcell, Abdelazer Suite C. P. E. Bach Concerto in mi minore

Gambarogno Summer Nights

13 August 2021 / 21:00 /

Gambarogno Summer Nights Concerto, Gambarogno, Chiesa di Sant’Abbondio ore 21.00   Musiche di: J. M. Leclair, W. A. Mozart, S. Mongiusti A. Corelli, H. W. Ernst, E. Ysaye, P. De Sarasate Manrico Padovani, violino Natasha Korsakova, violino

Zurigo Erlenbach, Villa am See

14 August 2021 / 21:00 /

Zurigo Erlenbach, Villa am See  Concerto Privato   Musiche di J. S. Bach, A. Rolla, H. W. Ernst, L. van Beethoven, E. Ysaye Manrico Padovani, violino e viola Natasha Korsakova, violino Cristoforo Pestalozzi, Violoncello

Pilsen (CZ)

19 September 2021 / 19:00 /

Stara Synagoga ore 19.00   J. M. Leclair, W. A. Mozart,A. Dvorak A. Corelli, H. W. Ernst, E. Ysaye, P. De Sarasate Manrico Padovani, violino Natasha Korsakova, violino Special guest Miroslav Vilimec, violino

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Beethoven Works for Violin

Manrico Padovani, Prague Philharmonic, Boris Perrenoud,

Live in Prague

Nomination for the “OPUS KLASSIK” for the best registration of the year

  1. BEETHOVEN CONCERTO 1 excerpts Padovani Prague1
  2. BEETHOVEN CONCERTO 2 Excerpt Padovani Prague
  3. BEETHOVEN CONCERTO 3 Excerpt Padovani Prague
  4. Beethoven ROMANZE 2 Excerpt Padovani Moscow
  5. Beethoven Sonata I 1 excerpt Padovani Milano
  6. Beethoven Sonata I 2 excerpt Padovani Milano
  7. Beethoven Sonata I 3 excerpt Padovani Milano


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